SHARFIL TECHNICAL WORKS-Dubai (UAE) is an industrial firm, located in UAE. We currently have branch offices located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
SHARFIL TECHNICAL WORKS is a civil defense approved fire protection company specialized in Active and Passive Fire proofing.
SHARFIL TECHNICAL WORKS have invested in training to offer expertise and professionalism to all of its customers and strives to improve the levels of customer satisfaction through value for money, responsiveness and technical excellence.


We will ensure that all our staff are given the necessary resources and training to ensure that these ambitions are met.
We will ensure that the effectiveness of the Quality Management System is measured on a regular basis through the process of internal audits, customer and employee satisfaction and management review.

Our aim :
1, To provide to our customers with quality products & services to deliver effective solutions that provides value for money.
2, To ensure we are able to adapt to changing markets and consistently provide solutions best suited to our customers’ requirements and needs.
3, To constantly strive to improve our levels of service and performance.


Documentation Requirements

Quality Manual : The quality Manual includes the scope of the Quality Management system, details of and justification for exclusions, reference to the documented procedures, a description of the interaction between the processes and the Company Quality Policy.

Control of Documents

All documents and data relating to the requirements of the Quality System are controlled, either by hard copy or electronically. Prior to their issue they are reviewed and approved by authorized personnel.
These controls ensure that :

a. The current versions of necessary documents are available where required.

b. Obsolete documents retained for legal and/or knowledge preservation Purposes, are suitably identified.

c. Changes or modifications to documents are reviewed and approved by authorized personnel prior to use.

d. The revision status is recorded on each document.

Control of Records

Records are established and maintained to provide evidence of conformity to requirements and the effective operation of the quality management system. Records shall remain legible, readily identifiable, and retrievable. The Company has established a quality procedure for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention time and disposition of records.


Management Commitment
Top management provides evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the Quality Management system and to continually improve its effectiveness by communicating to the organization the importance of meeting Customer as well as statuary/regulatory requirements, establishing the Quality Policy, ensuring that Quality objectives are established, conducting Management reviews and ensuring availability of resources.

Quality objectives : Documented Quality objectives, measurable and consistent with the Quality policy, are established and maintained.
Quality management system planning : The purpose of Quality Management system planning is to define and co-ordinate the activities needed to meet the Quality objectives. Quality management system planning is achieved by the implementation of the controls and methods detailed in this Manual, the Quality Procedures, Work Instructions and Test Methods.

Responsibility, Authority and Communication
Responsibility and Authority : It is the responsibility of all Employees, to carry out their Quality responsibilities in accordance with the documented responsibilities contained in this Quality Manual, the Quality Procedures Manual, Work Instructions and Test Methods. Authority for the effective implementation of all procedures and documentation used in the Company is delegated through the Managing Director to all staff.
Roles and Responsibilities :
Managing Director : Responsibility for all internal office admin & external service operations & processes.
Administration / Finance Director : Responsibility for administration and finance operations & processes.
Business Development Manager : Responsibility for new business development.
Management Representative (Managing Director) : The Management representative will be responsible for ensuring that the quality management system is maintained, regularly reviewed and measured for effectiveness.

Management Review
Management Reviews are undertaken, at least once a year, to ensure that the Quality System continues to be suitable, effective, and meets the requirements of the Quality Policy and quality objectives.
The Management Review will monitor the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and form a basis for improvement, through analysis of internal audit results, customer feedback, process performance/product conformity, status of preventive and corrective actions, customer complaints and training/resource needs and the business objectives. Any planned changes that could affect the Quality Management system are reviewed together with recommendations for improvement.
The review minutes will include any decisions and actions related to improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and/or improving service related to customer requirements and resource needs.
Ensuring that the Quality Objectives are established and monitored and effective and suitable in achieving the Quality Policy vision.


Planning of Service Realization
Processes, directly affecting Quality are identified, planned and developed to ensure that they are carried out under controlled conditions. All personnel have the necessary training and skills to enable them to perform their activities in a safe and effective way, in accordance with documented procedures. In planning service realization, the following are determined:

Quality objectives and requirements for the product/service.
The establishment of processes, documents and resources specific to the service.
The stipulation of workmanship criteria through written or visual standards.
Quality objectives and requirements for the product/service.
The establishment of processes, documents and resources specific to the service.
The stipulation of workmanship criteria through written or visual standards.
Suitable records to provide evidence that the product meets specified requirements.

Customer-related processes
Determination of Requirements : All potential orders are reviewed at the initial enquiry and quotation stages for adequacy of information and capability of the Company to fulfil the customer requirements.
This review ensures the following :
The requirements are defined and correctly specified and documented.
Any statuary/regulatory requirements, related to the product, are met.
Resources including material, equipment and manpower requirements are assessed, as are lead times.
Any requirements differing from those in a quotation are resolved.
The requirements of the order can be met.

Review of requirements related to the product : Any special requirements are fully assessed and the above review ensures that orders are planned in accordance with customer requirements. Procedures exist for identifying how amendments to orders are made and the information correctly transferred to relevant personnel.

Customer communication : Effective communication is maintained with Customers in relation to product information, enquiries and Customer feedback, including the handling of Customer’s complaints or citations.

Purchasing process : The procurement of materials and services is controlled to ensure that the purchased material or service conforms to the specified requirements. Suppliers are selected on their ability to meet the specified requirements.
A list of Approved Suppliers is maintained and the criteria for entry is defined. Potential new suppliers are evaluated to ensure their suitability to meet the company’s specified requirements, before being placed on the Approved List.

Purchasing information : SHARFIL TECHNICAL WORKS require that purchases of products and services that have a significant influence on quality of the product or systems are sought only through approved suppliers.
The responsible process managers shall ensure that all purchased materials meet the required specifications. Where necessary, the supplier will provide verification that the products conform to the required specifications. All current suppliers have been deemed to have met the supplier requirements and all new suppliers will be evaluated.

Verification of purchased product : Inspection and testing activities are in place to ensure purchased product meets specified purchase requirements. Where agreed, the Customer or his representative is afforded the right to verify either at source or upon receipt that purchased product conforms to the specified requirements. Such verification by the customer in no way absolves SHARFIL TECHNICAL WORKS of responsibility for the Quality of the product.


Customer Satisfaction
Wherever possible customer and contractual reviews shall take place at regular intervals and results / actions from those meetings recorded and reviewed where appropriate at the Management Review.

Monitoring and Measurement of Product
Where practical product purchases shall be pre-tested for conformance, product installed on site shall be subject to performance testing at commissioning stage and where appropriate through regular maintenance testing.

Continuous Improvement : The results from management reviews, audit results, non-conformance, corrective and preventative actions, customer requirements etc. shall be properly reviewed and where practical improvement opportunities identified and implemented.

Preventative Action : SHARFIL TECHNICAL WORKS will determine actions to eliminate potential non-conformities through regular review of process performance data, actions from management reviews and feedback from own personal, suppliers and customers.